card004 Flip Mini Rectangle USB Flash Drive
The Flip-Mini Rectangle is a smaller alternative to our popular Flip MkII USB credit card. The Flip-Minis are a great choice for complex artwork such as photographs and gradients as the support full colour printing - you can even print right up to the edge. At 60mm x 30mm x 3mm they are a nice size and offer a good compromise between print real estate and physical area. They are also available with pin & clip badge attachments or lanyards (upon request) allowing them to be worn at events such as trade shows etc.
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Available Colours
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Memory Capacity
Material Dimensions Imprint Area Imprint Size Pantone® Matched Matte Rubber Coating Special Options
Plastic 60mm x 30mm x 3.5mm Front/Back 60mm x 30mm  Available  Available Available Picture Print Available
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