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We stick to "Make the best for you, fast and great" idea toward our clients, always are provided brand flash material from Sandisk,Micron,Hynix,Toshiba and Samsung. We supply full warranty together with CE, ROHS,FCC certification for all of our usb products.
pvc001 Tooth USB Flash Drive
pvc002 Santa Claus Shaped USB Flash Drive
pvc003 Football Shaped USB Flash Drive
pvc004 Bone Shaped USB Flash Drive
pvc005 Brain Shaped USB Flash Drive
pvc006 Truck Shaped USB Flash Drive
pvc007 insoles usb flash drives
pvc008  Customizable pump USB flash drives
pvc009 syringe shaped USB drive
pvc010 beer bottle shaped USB drive
pvc012 Half of the oranges shaped usb flash drive
pvc013 coffee cup shaped usb flash drive
pvc014 The milk bottle usb flash drive
pvc015  Glasses shaped usb flash drive
pvc016 Smiley egg yolk USB flash drive
pvc017 Watermelon strawberry shaped USB drive
pvc018 hammer shape usb drive
pvc019 softball usb drives
pvc020 poker chips usb drives
pvc021 lobster usb drives
pvc022 Tank usb drives
pvc023 dolphin usb drives
PVC024 pineapple shape usb drives
pvc025 jersey usb drives
pvc026 high-heeled shoes usb drives
PVC027 Microphone usb drives
pvc028 taxi usb drives
pvc029 fruit usb drives
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